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When you're an eye care professional, your ability to serve your customers is directly tied to the quality of your optometry supplies. The eye professionals at SmartOD know what you're looking for, and we provide factory-direct products to meet your needs and strengthen your bottom line.

But you don't have to take our word for it. Just take a look at what our customers are saying:

Dr. Nicole Bergamo :

I recently opened my own practice after almost 2 decades of practicing optometry. I was very familiar with most of the labs we have available to us. One of my staff members told me about Smart OD and I was curious to hear what they had to say. I was visited by Dr. and Jesenia about giving their lab a chance to help me grow my practice. All of the member perks they said they offered, as well as their great prices, seemed too good to be true. I thought, what’s the catch? So I decided to give them a try on many of my private pay and Medicaid patients. I was so impressed with the quality of the products my patients received and customer service that I received. They kept their word on all of the promises they made. Smart OD is a company that truly wants to help our practices grow and take care of our patients as much as we do as doctors/business owners. We will be seeing great things from this company!

I would like to add a story to back up my great review. I have a patient that wanted to just get an updated pair of progressive lenses put in her year old frame. She wanted to save money, so knowing the good quality of PALs from Smart OD and great savings, I chose them. I mailed the frame to their lab via USPS. After a week or so, their lab informed me they were still waiting for the patient’s frame. I do investigating and so does Smart OD. I chose to wait another week to see if they turn up and they didn’t. At this point, I had no clue who was at fault, so I buy the patient a new frame off of Amazon and re-mail it with insurance via USPS again. A week later, Smart OD says they haven’t received the frame again. After more investigating by myself and SOD, we have no idea what has happened. SOD steps up and offers to have my patient pick two of their frames at no charge and they will make her a clear PAL and a pair of sun PALs. What customer service!!! It turns out, USPS lost both frames and they were delivered to the wrong address and turn up about 3 weeks later and SOD still offers to give my patient the two pair in addition to her original pair in her own frame. I appreciate that they wanted to make sure that patient and my practice were taken care of even though they were not at fault. I am a customer for life.

Dr. Dan Dieterichs:

I've been a SmartOD customer for a while and the frames are top quality and a great value to my practice. I'm happy SmartOD has found a way to help me compete in today's optical market. This is the first doctor group that I have joined that truly gives me an edge and true value for my money.

Stuart Heller, O.D.:

I have recently started using to buy frames for my optometric office and was amazed at the quality and price of the eye wear. Faive Kovalis has an incredible new idea of buying direct from the frame manufacturers and selling direct to private optometrists. This arrangement will help me compete in today's very competitive market and help my bottom line. I look forward to a long and beneficial relationship with

Scott J. Caughell, O.D., FAAO (Warsaw Family Eyecare):

I have been extremely pleased with since its inception. I have been a custom of Kovalis for several years and never had any problems with the frames. They are high quality and sell very well. To me, ordering frames from SmartOD is a no-brainer and they support private practice optometry. There is no contract or obligation—you just order what you want at any time and you can offer your patients higher quality frames at a lower price point. I also really like that the customer service is excellent and they gladly welcome any feedback. Any O.D. should at least give them a try!

Alan D. Grover, O.D. (Tulsa, OK):

Why I love SmartOD: I am a sole practitioner in a very competitive market. I began using Kovalis frames (GiGi and Golf-flex) about 3 years ago when a rep came by and asked me to try some of their frames. I was looking for an alternative to Coach and Altair, specifically. What I found was a selection of frames that my patients loved even though they were not "name-branded." But one thing impressed me more than that. It was that these frames were SOLID. They very rarely have breakage or defects. The styling is fantastic.

Now, with the incredible pricing through the SmartOD program, why would I buy much of anything else? My profitability on these frames is through the roof! I can offer these frames to my patients a price that even they are surprised about. I don't get wiped out by the low reimbursement from VCPs. Considering all that SmartOD is doing with frames pricing and now lens pricing, the future looks very good.

Dennis Kehoe, O.D. (Albuquerque, NM):

I practiced next to commercial opticals for 28 years but finally graduated and opened my private practice six months ago. Smart OD has made the transition smooth, by setting up my optical and being there for immediate help. If you are considering private practice, call Smart OD. My practice is doing very well, thanks to Smart OD-and my wife!

Jamie Padrnos, Licensed Optician (Flafstaff, AZ):

Our partnership with Smart OD has literally saved our practice. It has become increasingly difficult to compete in this business and Dr. Kovalis has given us a fighting chance. We look forward to strengthening our business relationship for years to come.

If you've ordered optometry supplies from SmartOD, we want to hear about your experience. Just contact us online or at 720-539-9494 to share your review.

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