Order Finished Stock Lenses from SmartOD.com

Our stock lenses are first quality stock lenses that meet all industry standards.
Your lenses will arrive within 3 business days of your order.
To Order lenses, download the appropriate form from the list below
  • a. Complete the form on your computer (using Adobe Reader) and hit the submit button at the bottom of the form or
  • b. Print the form and fill in manually then fax it to SmartOD.com or scan and e-mail the form to info@SmartOD.com 
Our stock lens prices are as follows:
Finished Lens Type Price/Pr. Download Order Form
CR39 N/C .98 CR-39 All
CR39 H/C 2.60 CR-39 All
CR39 AR 2.98 CR-39 All
CR39 Ultraclear AR 4.50 CR-39 All
Poly EZ-Tint H/C-Ext 5.88 Poly EZ Tint
Poly EZ-Tint H/C 2.90 Poly EZ Tint
Poly ASP H/C 3.96 Poly-1
Poly H/C 2.66 Poly-1
Poly Asp AR 7.96 Poly-1
Poly AR 5.16 Poly-1
Poly ASP Ultraclear AR 8.96 Poly-1
Poly Ultraclear AR 6.64 Poly-1
Poly ASP Ultraclear AR w/ Easy Edge 10.94 Poly EZ Tint Ultra
Poly Blue Block Ultraclear AR 13.00 Poly-2
Poly Sunsmart Photochromic AR 26.00 Poly-2
1.60 H/C 7.00
1.60 AR 8.50
1.60 ASP H/C 11.34
1.60 ASP AR 16.94
1.60 Aspheric Ultraclear AR 18.60
1.60 Aspheric Blue Block AR 29.00
1.67 ASP H/C 15.94
1.67 ASP AR 17.50
1.67 Ultraclear AR 18.30



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